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Works that caters to both gender require double the effort just to achieve the same quality as one that specifically caters to any one gender.

I started calling the site a "pit of despair" -- a dumping ground for shallow, fanboys-only games. Something which didn't necessarily use pre-existing characters. It isn't a collection of stupid, dirty jokes and nonsensical combat.I posted a message much like this one on the Shira Oka forums.However, I haven't received any replies yet, so I figured that I could bring the discussion here.Link: The person who created these two games maintains her own site at know I've been critical, but these days I'm feeling a bit more compassionate towards the Newgrounds community. Agreed, but I don't think the purpose was to create a new demographic per se. In fact, I can be an avid supporter of just about any sort of media which doesn't appeal to a young adult male demographic.) ... My personal fandom grew up on Kodocha and Fruits Basket and Precure, but at the same time my first exposure was to Ninja Scroll and Wicked City.I'm glad to see that someone is trying to create a new demographic. NG just happens to be a compilation of amateur media, similar to I think it's still possible to make a fanboy-centric and at the same time intelligent piece. ) Maybe this is a discussion which can be explored further... t-shounen/ So I think many guys are still uncomfortable with exploring stories beyond the explosions or pantsu (or both).So its just a matter of whoever who wants to contribute something new and different doesn't feel offput by what's currently on there. And that translates into the doujinshi they create. (A professional shoujo mangaka in an 'eroge'.) I think eroge as a whole (the professional and the translated ones at least) are going towards deeper characterization in general.I started calling the site a "pit of despair" -- a dumping ground for shallow, fanboys-only games. So I'm not surprised as more doujinshi makers follow that lead, both in Japan and abroad.Love Hina Sim Date, the Sex Kitten series are both no plt and massive a break!I don't mind one or two curse words, more so if they are the milder ones but...Once in a while they do a good flash game but for every one good flash game...get tens or hundreds that are *YEESH gimme a break!* I think the main thing that turns me off to Newgrounds is *the heck with a story, let's just show a bunch of naughty pics with a pathetic plot, and who cares if there's massive cursing, people just want to see the pics, right? Granted, you'll find a lot that say *ooooo pretty pics* but I'll go for a game that has a good story over one with lousy story and cursing massively...

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