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But if someone is harassing you or trying to fool you into doing something, chances are you’re not the only target.

By reported them to us, you can help us take action and protect your fellow Iranian singles.

But as great as our safety program is, it’s important for you to take some steps to be a smart dater as well.

When these are at small level no one cares about, but when things become worse, taking immediate action is demanded.

Bringing the things in open will surprise you by letting know about several perceptions and feelings of each other, which were not aware to you before.

So, for successful Persian dating express the thoughts and discuss the things with each other.

Both Persian woman and man must talk to their partner at the drop of hat whenever any conflict is acknowledged between.

Every dating single expect their partner to understand their feelings, but some feelings and perception can’t be understood until those are verbally shared.

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