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Are christian zucconi and hannah hooper dating

Loved their version of sabotage by the beastie boys.

Grouplove september 9th taking place in toronto on tue, sep. Contained the other members of the future band, which included sean gabb, but the band that would later sellout grouplove concert tickets did not. they open with “i’m with you” and i hate to say it, but that’s the best part. You will then be able to add events and information to the page through ents24 backstage.

We listened to a lot of Paul Simon during that recording, but I think bands that influenced me back in the day were bands like Nirvana.

Paste: Any advice you got from other couples who worked together in the same field?

Hooper: Not really advice from a friend but I just watched this Fleetwood Mac documentary on our last flight and the message I took from their journey was grow together so you don’t grow apart.

And as long as it fits some type of general theme, we’re always down to use whatever she makes. To stay on the Hannah topic, I was just reading an interview with Hannah and she said that after the first night you guys met she was like, “’I think I love you. I think we’re soul mates.” Did you find it crazy or were you on the same page as her? Yeah, I feel like it’s crazy, but thinking about it now, I felt the same way. Are there any other artists that you’d love to collaborate with? Personally, Hannah and I would love to collaborate with Björk. The i Phone voice recorder is a lifesaver because you can record your idea before it gets lost..especially for lyrics.

When we had that conversation, I kinda knew we were on the same wavelength. I had those feelings too, but I got her to say it first, so I didn’t have to. When Hannah and I write, it’s kind of like a stream of consciousness and sometimes you don’t really know what comes out. And we record it, so we know what the hell we were saying the night before.

When I woke up, she was finishing this crazy drawing of me. Hooper: It was like “Oh shit, we have another language that we can speak.” It added a whole other dimension that we could share. Paste: What is the biggest challenge of dating to a fellow artist?

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I don’t really know how to put that day into words, but we were magnetic together. Hooper and Zucconi: Making sure one of us doesn’t smoke all the weed.

I knew she was someone really special and I went home to check out her work online, held my breath hoping it would be good…it blew me away. Zucconi: I picked Hannah up in Chinatown and we drove up to Rockwood Park by my mom’s house in Ossining about 30 minutes from the city singing The Pixies at the top of our lungs.

We actually ended up falling asleep under a tree in this big field. Paste: What was it like when you started making music together?

Paste: What advice would you give to a couple working together or in the same field? Paste: Tell us about a project that you guys are working on right now.

Zucconi: We are working on something for Coachella, so we are keeping it under the radar till then.

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    Sometimes fate has a lot to do with love and forming a band. Hannah Hooper knew Christian Zucconi was the one for her the moment she laid eyes on him in New York City.…