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The design dates from the late 1980s when the existing railway station was built.Over time, many traffic lights have disappeared in Assen and this one will be next.

At first sight, this looks remarkably similar to Mark's sketch: A design proposed for Christchurch in New Zealand, heralded as "safe", but they have misunderstood. Versions of this junction "design" now pop up everywhere.

Cyclists are not supposed to stop at the same stop line as cars and traffic lights need to be positioned so that they are visible to cyclists making the second part of a right turn. They've even reached the opposite side of the planet..

I have to cycle quite a long way to find a junction which is really similar to Mark's sketch.

About 40 km South of here in Hoogeveen there are some older junctions which have not yet been reworked.

If you are inspired by the Netherlands, take your inspiration from the good stuff.

There is no "Dutch Standard Junction Design" There is not really such a thing as a standard Dutch junction.Sadly, the confusion continues I've re-read both of Mark's blog posts and I still see nothing wrong as such with what he said. Somehow people keep reading something other than what was written.Rather than seeing Mark's sketch as an approximation of a Dutch junction created with the aim of dissuading NACTO from promoting a dangerous design, people now appear to be using his sketch as a design guide in itself.This special type of roundabout is entirely designed around driving and cyclists have other routes.The most common junction design in the Netherlands is almost nothing at all A better contender for the term "Standard Dutch Junction" is something like this.In fact, every junction is designed to fit a particular space and is designed with the needs of the traffic in that space.Another blog post shows every traffic light in Assen so you can see the great variety of designs used.Unfortunately, as the idea that this is somehow a good design has taken hold, many of the key points of the real design and of Mark's argument were lost.What's more, alternatives that are more common in the Netherlands, safer and more convenient for cycling are being ignored in favour of pursuing this one design.Much more common than any traffic light junction, this is in a residentialarea, has a 30 km/h speed limit, raised table, small corner radii, and most importantly it's not a through route formotor vehicles.Most junctions in the Netherlands are on residential streets or in town centres where low speed limits, raised tables, special surfacing, small corner radii and one-way systems which apply to drivers only make them unattractive to drivers.

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