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On line dating services scam 2016

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We decided to roll the hit-and-run and grandparent/imposter scams into a single category because they all involve the crooks pretending to be someone they’re not. The aging population is simply creating a bigger target for the scammers, and names of susceptible people are being passed around on so-called ‘sucker lists.’ These victims may get dozens of calls a day, while others simply refuse to believe it’s a scam. As we said earlier, crooks are getting better at tricking people into thinking their messages are genuine.

Crooks use clever schemes to defraud millions of people every year.

Some things never change, yet new things are always happening — that just about sums up our annual list of top scams for the past year and the coming one. We thought interest rates might rise in 2015 making bogus high-return schemes less attractive, but that didn’t happen. Most of these con tricks seem to be targeting small businesses, with offers of cut-price loans and loan restructuring. The introduction of the so-called Obamacare legislation sparked a rash of fake health insurance offers, but this was not as dramatic as we expected. Even though security software is getting stronger, the crooks seem to stay one step ahead, with new techniques for hacking and for fooling people into giving away their confidential information. We think the IRS unpaid tax scam will continue to be strong in 2016, sadly with evidence that crooks are starting to use threats of violence or jail to force their victims to pay up. It’s an area where we all must do more to alert and monitor vulnerable people. 2015 saw a huge surge in crooks posing as Microsoft support techs wanting remote access to victims’ PCs, and the company has recently issued a new warning that the crime is on the increase. There could be a jump in this category as crooks switch to making random robocalls to cell phones. Out of nowhere, we’re seeing more and more reports of ‘lonely-hearts’ falling for scams in which they pay tens of thousands of dollars to their fake online dates.

When we look back on our predictions from 2015, we found that most things turned out as we forecast, but there was still room for a couple of surprises. High levels of publicity for the crackdown on automated robocalls has had some success — not so much because crooks have stopped making the calls but more because consumers are aware that they’re scams. Little change in the incidence of this trick that usually involves victims receiving dud checks for supposed services or employment and then being asked to wire back part of the payment before it’s discovered that the check is a fake. Plus, it’s not just the frequency of these scams that pushed them up the charts but also the scale of them, often involving well-known celebrities. There’s also been a steady flow of bogus offers of loans and grants, mainly aimed at students. Now, let’s take a look at how we see things unfolding in the coming year. In one outrageous case we encountered recently, victims were told they would be beheaded if they didn’t pay their tax bill! Also, as people increasingly use mobile devices in place of PCs, they’re often unaware of how vulnerable some of them may be to malware and so fail to install security software. Also, as of this writing, debt-collection robocalls to cell phones are not outlawed, although there’s been a move in Congress to do so. In a sense, it may seem like just another imposter scam but there’s more to it than that. Interest rates may rise slightly but they’ll stay at historic lows, while continuing stock market instability might lure investors into ‘sure thing’ scams. Financially hard-pressed students are in the sights of the scammers, with offers of phony jobs, especially ‘secret shopper’ scams. They’re mostly harmless in the sense that victims may not lose money, but ‘like’ harvesting, where victims can supposedly win a big car or get a free gift card for ‘sharing’ a page are rocketing. With an election looming we might see all sorts of scare stories using the ‘get-it-while-you-can’ tactic for grants and loans, so this isn’t disappearing from our top scams chart just yet!

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