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O kay bilis ng iyong pagdating

Because of my busy schedule, it’s only last April 25 when I had the chance to visit Manila City Hall.Here are the requirements for a supplemental report.

Thanks for mending and breaking my heart, I do owe you alot. why should I wait for someone who doesn’t want to arrive? Ba By I l Ov E y Ou And I‘ll never let you go But if I have too boy I Think you should know All the love we made can never be erased and I promise That you will never be replaced¨`•..« (¸.•’´(¸.•’´-:¦:-`’•.¸)`’•.¸ »-(¯`v´¯)-» I Like You You Like Me Should We Kiss? (“)(“) oºw An Na Te Ll yo U w Ha T i M f Ee Li N Bu T I Do N’t Kn Ow Wh Er E t O St Ar T I w An Na Te Ll y Ou e Ve Ry Th In G Bu T i’M a Fr Ai D you’Ll Bre Ak m Y h Ea Rt Bu T w Hy Sh Ou Ld So Me Th In G So Eas Y Be So Ha Rd To d O?

Mas gusto ko nalang itagong mahal kita, na kunwaring masaya ko pagkasama mo siya at ngumiti sa inyong pagsinta, kaysa naman sabihin ko sayo at ang sagot mo “ANG MAHAL KO AY SIYA.” sa tuwing maaalala ko ang tamis ng pag ibig ko sayo, gusto kong ibalik ang nakaraan pero pag naaalala ko kung gaano mo ko nasaktan gusto na kitang kalimutan. I told him I couldn’t love him back although he’s sweet and true.

I already bought our tickets last January even though we don’t have our passports yet haha.

After our visit at DFA-Alabang last April 1, I was thankful that our travel period is on August and not this month of May which is the original plan. because we’ve got a little problem with our documents.

Minsan lang ako umibig, minsan lang ako magmahal, kailan kaya darating ang isang minsan na iibigin rin ako ng isang katulad mo? I was being so unfair to him because I’d been wishing he was you.

just once, I’d like to receive roses from someone on valentines day just once, I’d like to hear sweet words of love from someone just once I’d like someone to hold my hand and hug me when i’m scared just once I’d like to be loved and feel special to someone and just once, I’d like to feel loved and not be jealous of the couples around me. oh how I wish I could wake myself up from this dream and bring myself back to reality where you ain’t really coming. you came to touch me, to love me and then hold me tight.

I thought I won’t be needing other local documents because I already have a SECPA copy of Ren’s birth certificate, but they still asked me to get a latest copy. Why does everybody wants a latest copy when the information they’ll be getting is still the same???

Overall I spent P650 for this supplemental report that in the first place is not my fault.

It is also easy for the engine to get to 60-80 kph.

The engine is still under break-in period and I think it can still give some more power and speed.

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