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Updating multiple tables microsoft access

All that is left to do is to close out of the Relationship window by clicking the close button and now you can create your queries pulling any information from either table.

These tables will stay joined until you decide to delete this relationship.

If you want to bind the query to a control then someone else will have to step in.

Call Show Current Record() End Sub Basically this form will display and record data during a match. the number, name & surname from player table of all players from the 2 teams that are selected in the form before that, which I have done already. Another way would be to execute two separate queries, one for each Team ID. If string then you need single quotes around the field value.

hello I have been trying to run multiple update queries based on the data entered by user.

Brief background: I am fetching data from various tables using a single query (for a date).

Each row consists of 5 text boxes whose data can be edited / entered The form is submitted using 1update button if the data is changed in Txtbox 1 , txt Box2 -- it updates Table 1 Txt Box3, txtbox 4 --- update table 2 txtbox5 updates table3 Problem: At a single time there can be many rows of data .

I've been searching all day about this and can't find a solution.. Selected Index = 0 Next End Sub Private Sub Show Current Record() txt Team Name. To String End Sub Private Sub teamlist_Selected Index Changed(By Val sender As System. Ole Db Data Adapter Private My Command Builder = New Ole Db. Is it possible to achieve this by using the code I used above but with an appropriate SQL query? Ole Db Connection Private My Data Adapter As New Ole Db. Fill(My Data Table Team) Dim Rec Count As Byte = My Data Table Team. Selected Index Call Show Current Record() End Sub My problem now is that I need to display data from the 'players' table and display/write data to the 'matchdata' table on one form. Public Class Teams Private My ADONet Connection As New Ole Db. OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=datab1.mdb" My ADONet Connection. Ole Db Command Builder(My Data Adapter) My Data Adapter. Ole Db Data Adapter("Select * from team", _ My ADONet Connection) My Command Builder = New Ole Db. I'm fairly new to VB and SQL Queries, so I apologize if I sound a little daft. Basically I'm working on a project in VB 2010 where a user can add new teams, players, also create matches between teams and record the score. A common field is nothing more than the same field in the two separate tables. We have two tables that we are going to use as an example.We want to be able to get a list of all of the departments and the employees that are in those departments.It is pretty much like when you were back in junior high school and you kept all of your notes in a three-ringed binder with different sections for each of your individual classes.Access has a navigation pane on the left side that acts as a separator of each type of object. You can have many different tables in the same file; but if you need to get information from more than one table at the same time, you need to create a join between two tables.

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