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Dating staffordshire figures

Staffordshire dogs are some of the most reproduced figurines in the world.

Other animal figurines came out of the Staffordshire region, from domesticated dogs to wild animals like zebras, lions, elephants, and more. An archer circa 1825, via Teapotgeorge on Wikimedia Commons, CC 3.0 " data-medium-file="https://i0com/

According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, the kingdom was established in 577, after the Battle of Deorham.

And what will be one of the most sought-after pieces is an architectural and figural scene modelled on the Red Barn murder scandal of the 1820s.

It is is expected to reach between £3,500 and £4,500, although I wouldn't be surprised if it sold for more than that.

Many of the mass-produced Victorian figures, and subsequent 20th-century examples (producers included the firm William Kent, Burslem, from 1870-1962), are less crisply moulded and have either "wishy washy" or garish colours in comparison to their Georgian forerunners.

My preference for the latter is also underpinned by their vernacular charm: the vivacity of their modelling and decoration is often accompanied by naiveties of form and scale.

Some superb examples will be on sale at the Bonhams auction.

So, what exactly are they and what are the differences between early and late?

The Victorian tale goes that spaniel figurines placed on the windowsill sent out a secret message.

A woman would place the ornaments in her front window; if they were back to back, it meant her husband was at home.

Please note: we do not have any experts here who can examine, validate, or value any Staffordshire dogs.

Hwicce (Old English: /ʍi:kt͡ʃe/ [hw-eek-chay]) was a tribal kingdom in Anglo-Saxon England.

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