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Reeve carney and jennifer damiano dating

“For some reason,” says the lean, blue-eyed 25-year-old, “Julie saw something in me she liked.” So the native Brit packed up and came to Broadway, only to find himself splitting the role with someone Taymor liked even more: Reeve Carney, who played six “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” shows each week to Thomas’ two.Standing in the wings, nursing his rope wounds, Thomas had plenty of time on his hands.

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Admittedly, the plotting has been streamlined and sharpened since previews began (back sometime in the paleolithic era, I believe) — the so-called Geek Chorus is gone and spider goddess Arachne (T. And so it goes throughout this ”reimagined” production.Thomas whips out his phone to show his pup’s latest feat: sitting at a piano, front paws on the keys.Although the actor can whip off a Chopin prelude or two himself, Porridge doesn’t play the piano.“Through the window, I saw a little black dog curled up in a cage, and he just looked at me,” Thomas says. Flash-forward a year or so, when Thomas found his “Corner of the Sky” — the demanding lead in “Pippin.” “I don’t think there’s anything he can’t do,” says Andrea Martin, his Tony-nominated co-star.Inside, he played with the puppy, then went to Starbucks, where he tried to convince himself it was better to rescue a dog than to buy one. “I walked back to the store and said, ‘Porridge, his name is Porridge. “He’s got a beautiful voice and he knows how to deliver a joke.But with great promise (and an even greater budget) comes the great responsibility of delivering.Though it’s undeniably cool to see costumed heroes zip overhead, this Spidey just can’t get off the ground.As Peter Parker/Spidey, the adorkable newcomer Carney delivers rock ballads like ”Rise Above” with passion and a rocker’s growl that suggests it’s just rid itself of training wheels.Jennifer Damiano (last seen in Broadway’s ) shines as girl next door Mary Jane.It may be an admirable work of revision, but it’s an unsatisfying meal, like one of mom’s end-of-the-week casseroles made of leftovers she couldn’t bear to toss.For some audiences — the ones who’ve turned noisy, plot-thin cinematic eye candy like into blockbusters — none of these quibbles may matter. But even those primed for on-stage special effects may be disappointed by just how little flying there is in the show.

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