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Yesterday, the documents related to Project Astoria were leaked, and now we have links to the tools needed to run an Android App ( APK Format) on Windows 10 Mobile.

This tool as of now only supports preview version 10166, and list of devices we shared yesterday.

Support works well before ordering, and after delivery they not answer abt week. Only the next day I noticed all these forums on the internet saying that the seller is a scam. I didn´t believe a word so i choose the 100USD refund and of course they gave me nothing. I paid 400 Euro € for the i Phone but what shall I do now? and after it a have never heard somethin from them. Returning back the units would not be economical so instead ask for a refund for the difference in price. I should have check the comments of this website more often but it’s been very busy. Buy me a glass of wine 🙂 Chinaecarts Is the Biggest Scam .

SCAMMERS I sent money via Western Union to: First name is : Hua Last name is : Kang City: Shenzhen Country: China Bank Name: BANK OF CHINA SHENZHEN BEIFANG BUILDING SUB-BRANCH A/CNO: 4766938-0188-152967-6 A/CNAME: KANG HUA SWIFT Code: BKCHCNBJ 45A Bank Address: 1/F, BEI FANG BUILDING, SHEN NAN ZHONG ROAD, SHENZHEN, CHINA POST CODE:518031 Contacts: email [email protected] GTalk [email protected] the other complaints here: I tried to quit the bank transaction but it was too late … I did not think of a scam because I ordered an item of Chinese brand (GREFU). I get what i deserved for being a fool cause i allready know about them before i made the order, stupid mistake, so if you are thinking that it would not happend to you think twice, there is plenty of sites to order the same products, choose anyone but this one. Instead, ordered the phone in the package in its original box from HTC EVO 3D (? After receiving his general store has stopped all possible communication. Fraudsters such cases, according to the reviews, they have full, sorry about that learned only after placing your order. I bought an i Phone 4S in january 2012 and received on fake !!! ”human learns from the mistakes” So I learned now that I will never order from webshops… And first i ordered 2 laptops 7inch and 1 tablet pc 7inch. Refund means credit to your chinaecarts account…to your bank account. I paid 350 $ for a Mobile phone even if the phone cost 348 $, i decide to send them 350$…

I will return to this post tell you what I received (approx. i write to them and they told me everything about price and location,how does it works with post and how to pay. bout miss order this is litle hanging its a big online store and if u sell round 10000 phones a day can it happent ther going someting wrong . yes i most belife even so they ar scamers but what to do a bout it they brock up and change the company name and it going one ?

i said them iam a business man and you should give me all information about your company because if it is with much benefit my people will come there! so make this trick with other scammers and you can see are they or not safe people! COM – CONFIRMED SCAMMER The phone has just arrived, finally … Hey guyz, I pay an phone from chinaecarts and now i see all this sites i was going back to the bank and im get so much stress im only 15 years old i sell much thing and my phone to get s6 edge i got the money and i was happy i pay for it and now my mother and me was trying to stop the transaction but we can nothing do.

I just received from chinaecarts email a link for tracking the package. I would not have taken the risk of ordering an item known brand (Apple or otherwise) because I was afraid of the scam. ), The phone was “B72M Andriod 2.3.5 MTK6573” with a faint inscription on the back cover “Zopo”. didnt receiv one laptop and asked them why i didnt receiv one laptop? After what happened so far, I don’t think so..pointless. i paid 2 days ago to receive the phone by DHL, even now my order is still processing and they dont respond to my emails… :((((( i create a webpage and tell my experience to other people… have the same problem its a big company but stil first i order a samsung s4 black dual sim they send me on s4 single sim white after emails i can hold this Phone and send 130$ more for the real order good i did it and they send me the Phone bad luck for me then the Phone was quick stolen i order direct on new model the 32 gb galaxy 4 s they send me 2 x 16 gb galaxy s4 whit the answer the 32 gb is single sim only but in the web page stay clear we have even so dual sim okay no prob i late it now ther is a software prob and i have stil 4 months waranty i send a email they reply me nice whit moment we inform the factory few days later they send me a mail whit sorry this s4 will not be made anymore but ther i have stil waranty they will give me on nice deal for 260 $ they will send me 2 galaxy s5 32 g dual sim color blue or gold direct after i resive my package i open it on the Phone box its white i open the Phone box yes its white i open the battery cover dam its again a single sim i use direct my android and mail them i will return the package the Phone ar white and single sim during clear in the order stay blue or gold dual sim they dont reply me first after a week and xxx mails they send me back dear we inform the factory already .

Someone, after harassing the seller has still received what he ordered? As I understand it, I am content with what they send me and I do not even try to parley with them to get what I ordered because it is doomed and will be a waste of time ..? what the hell i care the factory i wane have my phones what i order now again i mail and mail no reply of them now i push them its they replais thes phones or i go to china and bring them back in person if they think i will not do ths then realy bad luck for them then i realy will do this then ones more bad luck for them then im on internetional police men / but people most even so lern it say al ready the phones ar copys of the orginal this mean already the software cant be the same . The good news is the communication with seller is ok and the 3 phones arrived.Whatsapp Groups are getting more popular, As now anyone can join group with group link... Just thought you should know that selections from our Yeah Jam Fury OSTs have been made available on Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, and Apple Music! Also don’t forget you can still win 0 and more in our Stage Builder Contest if you enter by March 16th! We have a live web demo with a fully unlocked stage builder for the duration of the contest!My terrible experience with China is buying an original i Phone 3GS 16G from them, but they delivered a fake one. COM – CONFIRMED SCAMMER Another one here, from Spain. But other than that everything else was a nightmare Paid for MTK 6589 Quad Core, Gray Color, 16GB, 1280X720 Resolution What I got was MTK 6577 Dual Core, White Color, 2GB, 480X854 Resolution Before order, item was available as advertised and in stock.and now there is no restriction.what are you looking for?just join more and more groups and get lots of huge traffic.I also was scammed, I bought a Onda VI40 with 10inch wirless keyboard case and received Zethink C91 with wired case 9,7 inches. So guyz if u wanna help me to get my money back i pay 319€ For the phone i will be really happy.They don’t want to answer me to any email o contact direct until I don’t use some proxy for trick them (hehe) and surprise surprise, they take my support direct contact instantly ¬¬. im now crying because i see all this scams and now i never gonna get my phone. I was so happy and now i can nothing do and i dont know wich thing i gonna get now? So guyz never buy somethings from chinaecarts and i will try to get my money back. I ordered an ip camera and received a bluetooth headset instead. Well now im sad to say that i am one of those casualties too …I also cheated buy the supplier which is sell Iphone 4s for 230$. So They give me their western union details and I sent them 280$ (230 for cell phone 50$ for shipping). But they are not in the official website ( check on their behalf. Can someone tell me trusted supplier from whom you can buy Apple IPhone 4S? Let’s just hope that the future buyer will do a research before they buy. After sending the money they send me that we cannot deliver one unit you must send additional 250$ and we will send you 5 units free. They are fake, They just thieft the money from the people.

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