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Invalidating behavior

BPD individuals tend to regulate emotions by either shutting down (avoiding emotions) or escape (intense overreaction).Under the influence of intense (positive or negative) emotions, they are impulsive (unable to inhibit inappropriate behaviors).In other words, they are unable to inhibit mood-dependent actions.

The usually have short attention spans and difficulty concentrating.

They often feel overwhelmed when depressed and out of control when anxious.

Individuals with BPD have difficulties regulating several, if not all, emotions.

They have a very high sensitivity to stimuli – even small things set them off. And when emotionally aroused, they take longer to return to a baseline level of emotion. The more emotionally vulnerable a person is the more they need to be able to regulate emotion effectively.

The vulnerable child fails to learn how to identify feelings or regulate emotional stimulation.

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She does not learn to trust her private experience as valid and real.Children often gradually internalize these messages about themselves, leading to a wide range of potential cognitions and self-talk in adulthood.Spradlin (2003) reminds us of the deep importance of acknowledging our challenges in life as important and real.Pause and use the “DBT’s ‘What’ Skills of Mindfulness” to s you read through some examples of invalidating environments and forms of self-invalidation, what patterns or themes do you notice in your own life?Do you tend to give yourself particular types of messages when certain things happen? This self-talk has the power to change our emotional states in either positive or negative ways as well as affect our willingness to engage in both healthy and self-destructive behaviors. in Counseling Psychology from Boston College in the spring of 2010.Sometimes they are Spradlin (2003) explains that self-invalidation often flares up when we are trying to change/quit a bad habit.If you tend to feed yourself excessively negative self-talk when you are in the process of pushing yourself to make a big change, choose to mindfully slow down the process.It is possible that you learned that negative self-talk over a lifetime of repeated experiences. Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is primarily a disorder of the emotion regulation system.Self-esteem is especially vulnerable as they often feel that their self-esteem is on the line in every situation.Normally, those with healthy self-esteem are able to maintain positive feelings about themselves despite setbacks.

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