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gave a sales pitch to my wife (for my law firm) regarding a website "package deal" they were offering a "free 30 day risk-free trial.

We had previously been doing business with, spending approximately .95 per month to operate a very simple website for my law firm.

She sent additional 4 or 5 emails over the course of the 72 hours following to ensure the transaction was cancelled.

As such, we would like to follow up with you regarding the details of your experience with us.

To accomplish that, we ask that you send your website domain name, your contact information, and the details of this post to our support team via the following link:

To top it all off, the 800# they have listed as our office number they have actually set up to ring on my wifes old cell phone.

The "contact us" portion of the webpage they built goes in to some black hole of which there is no telling how much business we may have lost there.

This company fraudulently charged me for building and maintaining a website and face bookpage I did not authorize or approve, with incorrect information, misinforming clients, and now refuses to accept any responsibility or even offer to credit one cent towards an obvious error.

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They top it off by fraudulently charging in excess of 00 to my credit card, without my permission or approval in any way.

I initially thought this was an error that that would be happy to clear up when it was discovered.

I was shocked when they basically admitted this is a normal business practice for their company.

However, not all rabbis agree on what would happen in a rebuilt Temple.

Thus, some rabbis hold that sacrifices would not take place in a rebuilt Temple.

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