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Mtv dating show parents

Usually, at the end of the party, the child got a brand new car or in some cases two.Jewelry, celebrities and diamonds covered this show.

It focused on people who had terrible cars and wanted something nice... The Rapper would take the car to a shop and they would literally change the car from bad to worse.

I don't know about you but I would never ever drive some of those cars. Diddy made some bands, but the question is can you remember them?

They would interview potential dates and send them away with their child hoping to dump the current beau.

If this doesn't sound crazy enough, you just hoped your parents wouldn't decide your future. Three constants were fake kidnapped (As if that isn't creepy) and locked into a van (Still not weird...).

It featured Carson Daily as host to many celebrities ranging from music and movies.

Music Videos would play, teens would scream and hold signs outside... Recent news is they are bringing it back, though it won't be the same.The potential boy or girlfriend would go raid their rooms for what exactly? Or maybe just to see if they could keep their rooms proper.It was always fun to see what people were hiding even if it was a little embarrassing. I don't know how many watched this, but if you had an older sister you more than likely got stuck watching this. C, Laguna Beach was focused on kids in high school with drama imploding everywhere. ) watched this show religiously, and I was too young to understand boyfriend/girlfriend drama.They also got a grand prize if they lasted until the very end.This was a show I was desperate, even at seven years old, to do because it seemed like fun. Once again, my sister Kelly loved watching TRL and I saw some of it by the time I came home from school.This show either made you jealous or want to punch every kid that came on the screen.Kids who had really, really rich parents planned their sweet sixteen and of course, it had to be over the top.Dating, reality and all sorts of crazy shows used to be on all day long. If you watched the channel during the 2000s you were filled with a variety of shows. A contestant one by one would go on a date and however long they lasted, that was the money received.Whether you admit it or not, you watched some of these classic shows. Many ended up nixing them once they stepped off the bus so they made zero dollars, such a rip off.They usually had a hit or two but they weren't very successful after that.Bam Margera once again found fame with a spin-off with his family.

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