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Single-clicking on a displayed feed will pop up a small window showing the first paragraph of the feed item (Figure H), and double-clicking will launch your default browser to the feed address, displaying the full item. The Feed Headlines Gadget still relies on Internet Explorer to manage which feeds are in the Common Feed List as well as the per-feed settings.

Finally, Microsoft has released a COM Library that allows for the creation of custom Common Feed List-linked applications.

Depending on the Internet Explorer add-ons you have loaded, you may also have options from Google, Yahoo, and others allowing you to subscribe to those services as well.

You can also pin the sidebar permanently to IE by clicking on the dock icon in the upper right of the bar. Internet Explorer 7 and 8 arrive with a few feeds from Microsoft included.Among common options such as Rename and Delete are a Properties dialog and - in Internet Explorer 8 - the ability to add the feed to the Favorites bar.The Properties dialog (Figure E) allows you to rename the feed, modify the schedule the CFL uses to check for updated content, automatically download attached files, and modify the number of feed items kept.Being the first application to ship with the Common Feed List, Internet Explorer 7 is the best place to start.Within IE7, and later IE8, Microsoft included the CFL as part of the Favorites sidebar.Microsoft has also added a new button on the toolbars which is context sensitive and is only active when IE detects a feed on a Web page.Click on this icon while on your favorite news or blogs site, such as Tech Republic, to automatically go to a page allowing you to subscribe to the feed.Microsoft has made it easy to have all of your RSS content stored in one place and accessible from all of these different points.Also, Microsoft has created a COM API for the CFL that allows programmers to write applications that use the Common Feed List.Really Simple Syndication (RSS) has exploded across the World Wide Web.Most Web sites, especially those providing news or blogs, have RSS options to help you manage your content.

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