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He was 6ft 4in, searingly handsome and, as it turned out, 22. Most women require post-traumatic stress therapy after taking off their clothes in front of a new lover after 50, even if he’s older than you. Dating Lady put down her pen and said: “You’re not giving me much to go by here to match you up.

Three drinks later he’d turned into a ranting lunatic. Rule two for single, middle-aged women: never date a man until two years after his divorce.

He was divorced, but only just, and his wife had fleeced him for everything. There won’t be enough room in the relationship for you, her and his anger. Not very romantic, you might think, but think again.

This is the truth about being a 51-year-old singleton.

And it couldn’t be further from the one depicted in the new Bridget Jones novel.

And the one thing I know I would never have done is jump straight into sexy boots and hit a funky nightclub trying to pull men young enough to be my son.

Thigh-high boots for a woman in her 50s belong only in panto.

After that I had been in a long-term relationship which had hit the rocks spectacularly.

By the time I washed up again on the dating scene, I was an absolute mess.

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