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Aragaki yui dating

In return, he has the same feelings about her upbeat personality and happy views, not hesitating to put her down at times.In the light novel, Yui offered to organize and celebrate Hachiman's birthday party with Yukino, Saika and Komachi, during summer vacation but Hachiman turned down her offer.Another reason she may have joined the club, was simply because she wanted to get to know Hachiman and become closer to him.

Yui also worked along with her clique in times of cultural festival.

After her experience in Kyoto and aftermath, Yui realized that she doesn't understand them. Despite this fact Yumiko seems to dominate Yui in every aspect in the begining, even forcing her to go her, she manipulates anyone who admires her, most especially Yui whom she treats badly.

Her first sign of affection was hinted, when she immediately identified who he was in their first official meeting while he didn't know her (despite being classmates) and was confused by the name she gave him.

This interaction was notable as most people had no idea about him, due to his status of being an outcast.

During the time of Taishi's request, Hachiman promised to text Yui, to which Yui was more or less silent and nervously nods to him.

Later, she was sulking at him, as pointed out by Komachi, Hachiman's text was more formal, in full worded text, a set of instructions to follow for the request and no emoticons.Yukino emphasis that Yui only knows them and that knowing is different from understanding. But after direct confrontation of Yukino with Yumiko, Yui finally expressed herself to Yumiko.Though it seems to be ended there, Yumiko still held her bitterness which is shown in the tennis showdown.This was clearly referencing Hachiman, due to his cold and distant personality which makes it hard for her to connect with him.Always acting open and cheerful towards him, they seem to get along even though they are opposites as Yui sometimes finds Hachiman's personality and distorted thinking of youth to be annoying and depressing.When Hachiman had revealed that he used to text girls once, Yui's horrified expression can be seen and she even accidentally dropped Hachiman's cellphone which she held in her hand.When this was pointed out to her, Yui immediately covered it up by stating that she just couldn't believe he texted girls, much to his irritation and her quick apology.They were shown to be outing in summer break and also genuinely care for each other Yui and Hina get along well to an extent of calling each other by first name.Tobe calls Yui by her first name while Yui nick names him, Tobechi.But they eventually patch things up and get along well then before after understanding Yui.Yumiko indirectly threatened Sagami and her clique from insulting Yui.

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