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Sometimes people can pretend to be someone they’re not online.I know you’re an adult and have friends who aren’t me, but will they send you questionable Ne-Yo memes while you’re sleeping? Remember that time I sent you a video of me chugging a beer, and you responded with the same thing? And who is going to approve my Instagram posts now?Feel free to chat but remember whatever technology you are chatting on …from your phone to your games console, the rules are the same.

Are you sure you’re ready to walk away from all of this?

What if I lose control one night and don’t have you there to stop me from using Hefe? You’re sick of scrolling through five pages of messages to finally catch up on what we’re laughing about. You get roasted too often for supplying us with with sub-par memes. You’ve decided breaking our collective heart is the only way to get our attention.

These are legitimate companies that pay, according to internet users who have tried the services.

You can chat with men via text or phone on Chat Recruit (but steer clear of TV and Webcam chats if that makes you uncomfortable! You can log in whenever you have some extra time available to work.

Chain mails can be a bit of a net nasty – if you read something that scares or worries you, find someone to talk to and remember an electronic piece of information like an email can never hurt you.

Get together with your mates and agree to delete time wasting chain mails and to never forward them on to anyone.

However, there are some women who have made over ,000 per year using one of the websites I’ll talk about!

These companies will pay you to chat and flirt with men online.

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by Katie Way In life, most things don't just get handed to you, so when a good opportunity falls into your lap — or wants you to fall into theirs — isn't it kind of your responsibility to seize it?

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