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Who is actress charlize theron dating

Theron began as a model and came into the industry looking to make it big.

Theron’s newest movie, , is all set to release in April this year. Mackenzie Davis is also in the movie and plays a significant role, alongside Theron.

The combination strikes as a powerful one, and the story seems different, too.

It looks like Theron was smitten by Keanu Reeves after her split from Townsend. Sources even said that they were always fond of each other and it was only time they fell in love.

But Stonestreet laughed off the rumors and released a statement asking people to stop spreading the nonsense.

And, we can’t wait to watch Theron and Davis on the big screen together!

Who is actress charlize theron dating

#Charlize Theron noticed on a date with a new lover.

After Charlize Theron’s messy break-up from Sean Penn in June 2015 – the actress didn’t waste any time moving on, and she is now secretly dating actor Jake Gyllenhaal!

According to a new report, Charlize was all torn up from her break-up with Sean Penn, so she cried on her BFF Jake Gylenhaal’s shoulder – one thing lead to another and now they are an item, and it’s safe to say Charlize isn’t losing any sleep at night over Sean. Magazine reveals, “In late August Charlize and Jake were spotted dining at sushi hotspot “Sugarfish” in Los Angeles, where an eyewitness says they certainly appeared to be more than buddies.

The duo even got engaged, but the relationship didn’t survive.

And five years later, it was revealed that Townsend had a family in Costa Rica after he fell in love with a woman there.

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