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A season scoring summary page accompanies each blog post.This page has game outcomes, game location, individual school information, and league affiliations and records for every team that competed that year.Louis, but San Diego always was home, and I maintained an interest in San Diego’s outstanding high school sports scene.

Former players, coaches, sportswriters and fans who follow San Diego high school sports are invited to contribute with comments on errors and omissions.

Future seasons will be narrated and scores added as we move along.

I’d make trips to the Central Library newspaper room and view microfilm of old issues of the ” a 68-page compilation of San Diego County football scores and records made available to high schools and the general public.

Forty-one schools, members of the CIF San Diego Section that was formed in 1960, were cited.

I know and understand why high school sports experiences are held in high esteem. Proudly holding my UCLA bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering I became a San Diego resident in 1970 at NCR, living in Scripps Ranch with Carol since 1972, now in Poway since 1987.

I’ve continuously kept pace with electronics, then embedded software technology, and now with the ever-evolving tools and methods of ‘cloud’ based computing and the internet.A bow to noted historians and good friends William Swank and Don King for their initial support and research.Swank is the dean of all that relates to baseball history in San Diego and is an accomplished biographer and book writer.My long friendship with Rick gave me this opportunity to attempt mastery of website technology, creation and administration.To combine Word Press, HTML, PHP, SQL, ISP file organization and usage, and all other web-tools for an informative website for San Diego football fans is for me a naturally evolved pursuit. The Blog The blog objective is to provide a record of every San Diego County high school football season from the late 1800’s through today, as many as possible given the scarcity of the information in some seasons.Each year will include a blog post narrative summary of season highlights, influential events, coaches and league officials.On arrival after a 16-hour trip from Gothenburg, Sweden to New York, mamma Anna and pappa Sven drove us to Chicago in their new ‘55 Chevy Bel-Air.After another Atlantic criss-cross, and a brief stint in New York and New Jersey in the early ‘sixties, the entire family finally settled in Southern California in 1966.Looking back it was one of the best times of my life, as it should be, looking only forward with all dreams and aspirations intact.The camaraderie, lasting friendships, ribbing about being in the school chorus, towel snaps in the team shower, called ‘braintrust’ by non-college bound senior teammates for correcting their chemistry homework during homeroom, Atomic balm in the jockstrap, bus rides to away games, free hotdogs after home games, are all cherished memories.

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