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What's more, a hacker can even access your company's chat system, commit crimes in your name, and impersonate you on social media, all by getting into your laptop or computer.

Cybersecurity company Sophos suggests using passphrases with appropriate capitalization and spacing.“Unfortunately, the second type of device (standalone devices connected to the Internet) often have poor security, and there is not always anything users can do about it,” says Katz.

“However, they should check for security updates from the vendor and also change the default password, if possible.”Owners can also register their devices with the manufacturer.

Surely, computer technology has changed since then, but for some reason, the wording of the act has remained the same, stopping many victims from being able to seek justice.

For example, the bill states that “interception, use, or disclosure of electronic communications without the consent of at least one party” is prohibited.

Under the current set of laws regarding cybersecurity and data privacy, however, you may not see much done.

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act is an amendment that was made in 1986 to the Counterfeit Access Device and Abuse Act that was created in 1984.Just about anyone, thanks to tutorials and online advice, says Katz.Wannabe hackers can easily look up how to access certain devices and purchase software packages that can help in the hacking process.A Minnesota couple told KTTC that they noticed something was off with their surveillance system when they heard it playing strange songs at night.They later discovered the camera was hacked by someone with an IP address located in the Netherlands and that their pictures were posted online.Besides hacking into the computer to use the webcam, the perpetrator also worked their way into Clark’s profile and added themselves to her contacts, so that they could send Clark the pictures.Since Clark’s privacy settings prevent “non-friends” from sending her messages, the hacker had to do so in order to show her the images.After reading this, it's probably natural to want to chuck all of your devices and start living off of the grid.But if that's not possible, know that you can likely keep yourself safe by just playing it smart. Also in that year, up to 432 million accounts were hacked. By now, you’re likely wondering what the odds are of getting hacked.If you click on ads and suspicious emails willy nilly, your chances are probably high, particularly since hackers typically access webcams through Trojan horses.

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