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On Friday evening the Board of Directors and the Housing Committee of the General Alumni Association \ill meet, as well as the Executive Committee of the Bison Club. This game, to be held at 2 o'clock, will mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the opening of Memnrial Stadium.

On Saturday morning the Bisoi Club will hold a breakfast in the women's dining hall. Tlumni from the metropolitan New York area at a luncheon to be given by Rush H. Highlighting the day's activities will be an all-campus party in Davis Gymnasium Saturday evening at o'clock.

These independent students, many of whom are commuters, need an or- ganization for social, athletic and political action on campus. LATEST COUNT SHOWS ENROLLMENT REACHES QUOTA SET IN SPRING The latest figures on fall enroll ment, according to Mr. Freshman civil engineering stu- dents are urged to attend this intro- ductory meeting, Rfoky" Cook, "Duke" Purcell. (Conllnuerl on pai Te H.) 'WE'RE MOON-GAZING' BECOMES VALID EXCUSE WITH ECLIPSE TONIGHT Artronomy students will have a field day this evening when a total eclipse of the moon will occur in the early hours of the night. Dancing to the music of Dick Swing and His Mood Men will follow the entertainment. Hall To the Witor: Freshrtiaii class spirit this fall has been admirable, but is this any rea- son for the President of the Senioi Clasps to apologi/e tid that, under the oresent bomb on Huo.shima. decisions of the Tribunal, and (Continued on page 8.) FRIDAY. Susan Williams Ralph Nilson Kalph Terrell NEWS STAFF — Shirley Andresen. ' Blit it was Kd Stec, whose defensive play was brilliant throughout, who leaped into the air and gathered in the pig- skin. An the vehicle rolled away, the one wiuiess liirnrd soulfuliy to Ihe other with. For 'the latter, it is a cud-chew inn herd 'of dm-ile black-and-white cows at i which Ihe kids love to stare in terri- ' Pcd wonder. Those visiting the cows recently were: Bonnie Bad- I ger. Smith lateraled to I aris, who faded back and fired a long to the goal line. A sleek, green convertible slid noiselessly down the lane and pulled to a stop before the dormitory, while a signi Scant blast of the horn brought a cute blonde racing down the stairs with open arms. Winther an- f^t'^ Behind The Mike i By Babs Fiedler You don't have to miss it now! All this takes money however, so if you like to hear the away games, then contributions will be cheerfully ac- cepted for the pur- ps for whom i we intend to yell our luniis out. And at least a little red wagon to Lee Keefer, r.\elyn Met/and Steve Lilak for ' taking children up. Freshmen spirit on the other hand was excellent according to the Cheerleadin K Squad. Let's keep our confi- dence m the team without glowing with too much optimism and then let them down later in the season. The parade will follow the same path a Rain this week it has been an- nounced and will form behind the Engineering Building as it did last week. \ request for more signs, more spontaneous participation by upper- classmen, especially more girls and if possible more noise at tho bonfire has been voiced by the cheerleaders. Davis BISA Reorganizes; Independents To Consider Benefits Homecoming weekend for t h . Muiiini Secretary, has releas ed tho following schedule for thi weekend. Bu Aiiellians from greater New York, Westchester County, Long Island, and northern New Jersey, have been invited to attend. Hildreth, Bucknell presi- dent, will welcome the Dads to the campus. According to a spokesman for the football squad, "It really makes a guy feel good to finally see sorw*^, spirit around here." Alumni HXoming Program Released By Dr. alumni and their families will be he Kl from October twenty-first through the twenty-third. Ill addition to the various open house.s at the dormitories and fia ternity houses, several alumni com mitlee ineetings will be held. president of the Father's Aaaociation, will preside at a luncheon in the men's dining hall at o'clock Saturday noon. The visiting parents will accom- pany their sons and daughters to the football game with the University of Delaware Saturday afternoon. The I nited States has been at over what course should be followed in dealing with atomic energy. But the Inited Slates knew that the secret would not remain a secret for a very long of time. Plans are now being made for a s( cial outing at Cowan. Hasings Sam Kitkard Frtni Haas Lu Wil- liams Tom Miller Mr. John Beers '22 Dick Hayes '49 Micki Ottenz visited Bill Scott Jan Crider en- tertained John Skoog Paul Wat- kins, Chailie Day. (; IRL OF IHE WEEK Ann Cooper is wearing the Delta Sigma Delta pin of Jack Nixon of Pitt. AWAY FOR THE WEEKEND Pat Winthei- went home to Mc- Keesport Betty Hatch visited An- napolis Cathy Cathrall, Sally Angle, Jeanne Hunter and Inky Lat- ham visited the V. No nation in the world has ever had in its po MCuion such a weapon with so much ial ive force. St^F ffiurku Fl Uan OFFia AL STCDENT PUBUCATION OF BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY LEWISBURG. Special emphasis will be friven to rehearsal of Sanctus which will be sung at the H^)mecoming Week-end Student Church Program. \ , by Mollie Edwards SEEN ON CAMPIS Ernie Thompson Chris Christian Judy Agnew Ruth Wallwork Mr. Jack Jone.s Emily Hill Jack longhead Bucky Buchanan Nancy King Nancy Barker Alice Richter Bob Schimer Mr.

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