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The foremost part of this section is almost entirely covered by sand with the exception of the port side.

The vessel's single boiler, including a portion of the cylindrical uptake, provides the highest relief on the site at about six feet.

The MRI examination is quite noisy and you will be given ear protection to reduce the level of discomfort caused by this noise. Once the examination is completed, the images will be reported and the results sent to the referring clinician (your doctor). Your doctor will be able to discuss the scan results with you and answer any questions you may have.

It is importantto lie perfectly still for the duration of the examination.The examination will usually take between 20-30 minutes depending on the area being scanned and the protocol requested by the Consultant Radiologist.However, do not be alarmed if your examination takes a little longer.C., USA Owner: UK Royal Navy (on loan to the United States Navy) Lloyd's Register Details: Steel hull, cruiser stern, triple expansion, three cylinder engine Former Names: N/A Date Lost: May 12, 1942 Sunk By: U- Survivors: 0 of 37 survived (37 dead) Data Collected on Site: Still and video photography; multibeam; sector scan sonar; full site plan; listed on the National Register of Historic Places Significance: HMT (His Majesty's Trawler) is significant in the area of military history based upon the vessel's association with Allied military operations at sea off the Outer Banks to combat the German U-boat threat during 1942. is representative of a dramatic time in American history when the country was struggling to fight wars on multiple fronts and had already allocated its purpose-built naval vessels to the war in the Pacific and European theaters.The shipwreck symbolizes the United States' unpreparedness and lack of purpose-built anti-submarine warfare and escort vessels that were needed to counter U-boat depredations along the U. is also significant as an example of a military vessel lost to Axis (U-boat) military actions offshore the United States in World War II as it was sunk, with the loss of all hands, by a single torpedo fired from the German U-boat, U- The initial torpedo that struck the vessel caused considerable damage and is likely what resulted in the vessel being broken into multiple sections.It is amongst the most advanced imaging technique developed to date.MRI uses a very strong magnetic field and radio waves and thus avoids the use of X-Rays.Patient movement is the biggest single cause of an unsuccessful scan.The couch will then be positioned into the centre of the magnet.This scan can be carried out from 2 weeks after a positive pregnancy test.At this stage it may be possible to detect the heartbeat.

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