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We received many duplicate suggestions from a multitude of readers (thanks to all the readers who tipped us off to some great commercials!

), which is proof that 1) there aren’t nearly enough commercials to choose from and 2) After readers know pretty much everything there is to know about queer women in pop culture.

Besides football, snacks and over-the-top halftime shows, the best part of the Super Bowl is the commercials. Nearly every year, some brand gets banned from airing during the big game because it's too sexy, too weird or too offensive -- or violates rules of a network or the NFL.

The camera zooms in close, as he sits surrounded by his usual bevy of beautiful women, and he says simply, "I have no idea what this is." Perfect.

But over the last couple of years, any couch potato worth his bacon can't help but notice Madison Avenue has taken a few baby steps toward the old-school masculinity we like to think our fathers exhibited when they were splashing on the Hai Karate and letting their chest hair flourish. But the problem in current advertising is that a lot of these commercials--and by implication society--still can't agree on the male ideal. After thousands of hours of watching TV and surfing You Tube over the past year, I've culled half a dozen commercials or campaigns that illustrate as a group the mostly sorry--but mildly hopeful--state of men in advertising today.

I'll judge them here, in no particular order, by the only manliness standard that counts: mine.

So, in closing, I declare the Dos Equis campaign the winner on all fronts: manliest, funniest, smartest, and most effective.

This fictional combination of James Bond and cool 70s rabbi is a blast, and our hero does it all while remaining hirsute and comfortable in his own skin.

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