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Zac efron vanessa hudgens how long dating

A controversial nude photo of the actress leaked a couple years after it was allegedly sent to Nickelodeon star, Drake Bell by a pre-Disney Vanessa Hudgens.She immediately spoke out about the issue in 2007, saying that she regrets taking the pictures, though Bell denied receiving them.Though they spent some time apart while Butler was in New Zealand filming the second season of MTV’s Hudgens even posted a picture with Butler on Instagram, captioning it “Missing this guy” while the two stars were on different continents.

“You seemed to enjoy it though,” Ortega said to Efron, who blushed but didn’t deny the comment.

In the latest movie, Efron, 19, and Hudgens, 18, play two East High students who fall in love.

In 2006, Hudgens guest starred on The actress rose to fame through High School Musical.

The Disney movie gave a big boost to young stars like Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Tisdale.

While shooting the first movie in 2005, the two teenagers sparked their own off-screen romance.

The high school sweethearts (aka Zanessa) try to keep their relationship low-profile and refuse to talk about it, but their on-screen chemistry is undeniable.They broke up in 2011, but remained on good terms, even doing press for the movie together while she was dating Austin Butler.The dreamy couple has been together for almost six years now, and by the looks of things, they are still as solid as ever!If you are wondering who Vanessa Hudges is dating in 2017, then you came to the right place!Fans are loving Vanessa and Austin Butler together and we could not agree more.“I went to their parents and asked for permission,” Ortega says.“I went to Vanessa’s mom first, and then to Zac’s mom second and said, ‘Do you mind if I request a kiss in the event that we want to use it for the end of the film? Then, we all sort of decided that this wasn’t about that.” The kiss landed on the cutting-room floor. From dating more of her movie co-stars to finding lasting true love, Vanessa has managed to give us some hardcore #relationshipgoals over the years.Drake Bell — Back in her Disney days, there’s a chance that there was a Disney-Nickelodeon star couple! In 2007 — following Vanessa’s magazine, those photos may have been sent to Drake! We still don’t exactly know, but the buzz definitely occurred amidst the buzz of another one of her famous relationships.Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens – known to some as Zanessa – were one of Hollywood’s hottest teen couples when they dated from 2005 to 2010. They began dating just as their stars were beginning to rise and they managed to make things work for a really long time, especially considering how young they were when they began dating.Since these two were such a big deal when they dated, check out these 8 things you didn’t know about their relationship: They met during the auditions for .

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