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Accordingly, the feeling component in courage is not always intense.

Courage may be associated with fear, but is not the opposite of fear.

Aristotle characterizes a brave person as the one “who faces and who fears the right things with the right aim, in the right way and at the right time, and who feels confidence under the corresponding conditions.” It is not the absence of fear, but rather the presence of confidence under fearful circumstances, which is characteristic of the brave person.

Indeed, people who have done courageous deeds describe their attitude while doing these deeds as that of confidence under fear.

Courage faces fear in a seemingly "right" manner, since it confronts the risk and tries to overcome it.

Shyness faces the risk in a seemingly "wrong" manner, as it ignores and avoids the risk without reducing its negative impact.

Both the courageous person and the shy person can have confidence in what they are doing (although more typically, it us courage that provides such self-assurance).

What distinguishes courage and (at least some types of) shyness is the way each handles the risky situation, and what each identifies as a risky situation.

The presence of a genuine effort to cope with or overcome fear is what distinguishes courage from fearlessness.

People are not blamed for being afraid, but merely for a lack of genuine effort to cope with and overcome the fear; doing this often expresses courage and is highly praised.

In his book,, Stanley Rachman indicates that there are a small number of people who are relatively impervious to fear; in most circumstances typical of fear, they experience no fear; for example, they experience none of the usual physical accompaniments of fear, such as palpitations or sweating.

These people may be fearless, but they are not courageous—they have no fear to cope with or overcome.

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