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"The women can pamper themselves with a massage, get their hair done, or have afternoon tea with their girlfriends before going on a date. "When you're on a date, avoid topics like politics, sex, religion and ex-boyfriends.

"When we were young, we were always told, 'Study hard, don't wear lipstick, don't date now', and so a lot of successful career women don't have much dating experience.

In 2011, there were 209,000 single women, more than double the number in 1996. Violet Lim Seow Yan, co-founder of Lunch Actually, agrees.

When Lim first entered the industry in 2004, she thought all women had a fair chance of finding love at any age.

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Bernice Chan is a senior writer on the Culture Desk of the SCMP who samples more than her share of dishes around town and writes about people and issues that make an impact on our city." data-title="Bernice Chan" data-html="true" data-template=" Mei Ling Ng Liu is not one to mince words.

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