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Rigney sets the stage by defining and discussing the sovereignty of the Triune God, what it means that we as humans were created in His image and are responsible for how we live day-to-day, and how God (as Creator) and us (as creatures) relate to and interact with one another.

Rigney honors that legacy by helping us to understand how we can best apply that Christian hedonism as we laugh with friends, eat pumpkin crunch cake, and watch the rain fall from the sky. I’ve also been fortunate enough to experience the affection and camaraderie that comes through friendships and the love and joy that comes through being married.

or only read a synopsis of what it’s about, you might walk away thinking you've been encouraged to simply love stuff better or to be more appreciative of a pretty sunset. Reading this book will make you want to enjoy those aspects of life more, but it will take you “further up and further in” and help you to see that every good gift that we get to experience is from our gracious Father and as you grow in your awareness of that fact, your desire to glorify God, by living responsively and responsibly, will be enhanced. I like watching movies and reading stories and playing sports. I’ve always taken a delight in these things but this book freed me up to enjoy those things in a new way.

One example is in our desire for , our desire for information.

We want knowledge about others, about ourselves, about our children, actually about everything.

Jen’s desire is similar to that of the faithful writers who have gone before her: “How should the knowledge that God is ___________ change the way I live?

” Jen brings conviction as she explains how we attempt to live as though we are limitless, as though we possess these attributes that only the Almighty could ever possess.

We love the internet with its unlimited access to all information instantly. Casting all our anxieties on God, rather than on the internet, leads to contentment.

The problem with all of this is that more information does not bring us more peace and sometimes there are times we should not know everything. An unhealthy interest in the affairs of others is called meddling and 1 Peter ranks it alongside murder and theft. Another example of how we seek to be like our limitless God is in the sadness we feel about changes to things we believed to be unchanging.

I encourage you to pick up a copy for yourself so you can learn to better treasure God by enjoying His gifts.

Our culture radically prizes the individual in the way we choose to define or redefine who we think we are.

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