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It is hard to escape the conclusion that this line was written before the study began.

National Prevention Information Network September 17, 2008 Findings reported at the Australasian Sexual Health Conference 2008 shed new light on male circumcisions role in preventing HIV infection.

Only seven of the 53 HIV infections occurred among insertive partners; the studys model indicated that five of these infections could have been avoided if the men had been circumcised.

Indeed, the studys model projected [No studies have been done of insertive-to-receptive transmission, cut vs intact, but it seems likely the keratinised circumcised penis is more likely to tear the receptive anus or rectum, and there is much anecdotal evidence - and visual evidence from US vs European gay porn - that cut men are rougher, because their fewer nerve-endings need more stimulation.Only a tiny fraction of all scientific research is ever covered by the popular media, however, and most scientists go through their entire career without once encountering a reporter.New results and ideas are argued in the halls of research institutions, presented at scientific meetings, published in scholarly journals, all out of the public view.With those precautions, the correlation between circumcision status and HIV acquisition fell to 1.5 (20% of circumcised men had HIV, vs 30% of intact).With "adequate" genital hygiene, the rate among the intact fell to 26%.He went on to note, however, Most HIV infections are contracted in the receptive role, so what were talking about is a risk reduction for a small group of men who didnt have a huge risk in the first place.In the study, University of New South Wales researchers recruited 1,400 HIV-negative men, two-thirds of whom were circumcised. But in looking at the men who predominantly took the insertive role in intercourse, there was an 85 percent reduction in the risk of HIV infection if they were circumcised.As controls on "psychic" research are tightened, the effects found steadily diminish, and when control is complete, the effects vanish. These results are certainly consistent with the null hypothesis, that circumcision has no effect on HIV acquisition: the confounding factors have just not all been found yet.Yet as usual, this study advocates that "male circumcision should be seriously considered as an intervention to slow the spread of HIV-1 in uncircumcised populations".This study - unlike others - found no effect of age of circumcision on HIV acquistion, even if the circumcision took place after sexual activity began and after HIV was prevalent.This suggests that circumcision itself is not the key factor.

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