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I've learned enough about grief over the years to know it's impossible to predict how anyone will respond to it - and the ones who do so with fortitude are by no means the ones less hollowed out by it than the ones who are more obviously broken by it.

Perhaps she would have faced it with her characteristic grace and courage.

He may have broken hearts, but I've never read a single account in which a woman felt that he had done anything other than seduce her. it's like watching paint dry Wednesday July 11, 2012 Caitlin Flanagan: Harry, there are other things to do on the Internet besides hovering on at Atlantic live chat.

When you read his life story it becomes sickening Black Knight....married the daughter of the Lord Curson, Viceroy of India (three children) and had affairs with her sister and step-mother.

He then married Diana Guinness (nee Mitford) secretly in the presence of Adolph Hitler at Goebels' home in pre-war Germany .

These are the thoughts of Albrecht Haushofer (Academic Professor from Berlin and advisor to the Fuhrer's deputy) in his pocket when he was shot by the SS at the very end of a needless war that killed over 60 million people.

Contributing editor Caitlin Flanagan talks about her recent essay on history's inclination to overlook the 35th president's philandering. He was also a notorious philanderer, as a new book reveals in sordid detail. On July 11, Caitlin Flanagan came online to discuss Kennedy's complexities with readers.

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