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She was immediately at home in Sun Hill CID and quickly became popular amongst her colleagues.

She moved to the station when DCI Wray was transferred because of his affair with June Ackland.

CID were not expecting a woman boss and were none too pleased when she turned up.

Confident, even arrogant, he often has run-ins with senior officers for insubordination and indiscipline.

In one way he is not a good officer, since he breaks the rules.

It is likely that he died suddenly a short time afterwards, as on Dave Quinnan's first day, in December 1989, Tom Penny tells him how "the man who had your locker had some very nasty habits" and Quinnan opens the locker to find a pornographic magazine. Liz knew DS Don Beech prior to arriving at Sun Hill.

Eddie spears dating

Barely having introduced herself, Liz was dispatched to go to the aid of DC Suzi Croft, who was having a rather dire day at court.Following the trial, she transfers to Serious Crimes Unit and is for a while, Acting Detective Inspector.She returns to Sun Hill for a final time in 2001 as Acting Detective Inspector to head up 'Operation Magenta' to catch a dangerous serial rapist.The characters are all police officers or civilian staff at the fictional Sun Hill police station in London.His family is quite large and he is a good friend but he did not join the police to be a good samaritan.When DCI Frank Burnside is tracking two corrupt officers in Newcastle upon Tyne, he asks Liz to accompany him back up to her home city due to her knowledge of the police force involved and the area.Liz returns to Sun Hill four months after her initial departure, along with DS Rosie Fox, to give evidence against disgraced PC Eddie Santini in his trial for murder of his lover, Jessica Orton.She is promoted permanently to Detective Inspector.DCI Kim Reid was the most powerful woman officer ever to work at Sun Hill, both in rank and in personality.He chooses to defy regulations by continuing to put his electrical skills to work for some extra money but he eventually worries that this will be discovered.Dave initially judges people on first appearances but soon learns to be more cautious.

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