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Our guests often remember our staff members and actually ask for them by their first names.

Our Atrium boasts amenities that would serve guests from all walks of life.

Qatar's government categorically denied that comments in which the country's leader expressed support for Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah and Israel - while suggesting that US President Donald Trump may not last in power - were ever made.

"There are international laws governing such crimes, especially the cyberattack.

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Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers is eating one big ass crow after he was caught cheating on his now ex-girlfriend, Tori Woodward ... We got the DJ Tuesday at LAX before he jetted off to Qatar for a gig, and we asked how he was holding up after Tori put him on blast last week for creepin' on camera.

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is not just a place that provides affordable accommodation; it is a community of people from around the globe.

Accommodation ranging from a single room for a single night to apartments with three bedrooms can be your place to stay or let it be your home for years to come.

While it is the largest hotel in Qatar, our staff is passionate about providing individualized service to our guests.

Al Jazeera approached Sky News Arabia's joint owner, Sky PLC in the UK, to ask what media standards their Gulf affiliate adheres to, but they have yet to comment.

NEW DELHI: Qatar Airways on Tuesday reaffirmed its plans to start an airline in India.

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