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If lam thought to be in a Miftake in what 1 have written, it mufi be allowed a very Hap- py and Seafonable One, if iv pleafe God it work the Defgned Effect of making People Defift from Healths- in which they are fur e there can be No Miftake.

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I Anfwer, few befide Deifts apd Freethinkers, the Scoffers at all Revealed Religion, and at this Sacra- ment in Particular', and who have from thence taken Occafon to give that Holy Ordinance the Name of an Health.

And were there no o* ther Reafbn/br the truly good and Religious, who have hitherto continued this Practice^ Un- wittingly and Undesignedly, to forbear it hereafter, I Appeal to themfelves whether this is not Reafon enough?

And no other Return is to be rnade here, but dsfiring People to Corf ler, whether it is My Vault or Theirs, that they grow more Obftinate by fair Endeavours that are ufed to make them more Religious ?

You will fay again who ever Dreamed of any Similitude, or of doing Difhonour to the Eucharift by this Practice ?

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