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Examples of older women dating younger guys

She spoke positively about their relationship when they were together but revealed, even though she wanted to, she couldn’t trust him when they were apart because she had been cheated on in the past, by most of her other boyfriends and ex-husband. To be fair, she thought she had to be on top of her game, as her distant partner was a personal trainer.Regardless of their relative ages, in almost all cases, the infidelity had occurred with a younger woman. She appears to have spent tons of money on transforming her looks. Keeping up with the Jones is a necessity when they’re just in lycra, infront of your significant other and temptation comes across his path literally every single day.

What’s worse is when she walks passed them, they literally fumble and drop things. This is an age-old recipe for history repeating itself. The key point is, when it comes to understanding the why, we often get confused on what drives our attraction to these rebels.

In fact tempting fate like that is almost like giving someone permission to screw you over. Even if your heart ultimately settled on the shy academic with the straight A and glasses, you wouldn’t have passed up a chance of Mr or Mrs Mayhem in their Hayday. Often many people will be heard mumbling something like . w=628" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-7156" src=" w=650" alt="I love bad boys with tattoos" srcset=",

Now there is nothing wrong with this phase (I personally enjoy it, then again I’m a masochist) but it is a phase that is usually ushered in by one person and is never something that both parties enter into at the same time. Because of this, they start thinking and acting on what they need to be doing now, in order to match that projection of themselves they see in the future.

It is this unwilling change in the relationship dynamic that usually brings about the start of the duress. And it’s usually the other person who picks up the tab because somewhere along the line, the one doing the projecting changes the entire dynamic of the relationship.

When reading this chapter, you probably thought the ‘third wheel’ related to the kids involved, oh no, it refers the men. It’s like being told that you are going to fight Mike Tyson in 9 months and you can either train for it or take a raw beating.

Either way you know you’re fucked, you’re not gonna win and you’re life will never be the same again. UNITED STATES – JANUARY 24: Mike Tyson walks to his corner after knocking out Larry Holmes, ending the fight in the fourth round.I’m going to use this opportunity to share with you my own personal insight on why I think Older men end up with Younger women, specifically in a rebound or mistress/cheating/affair type scenario.You may not agree with me and if you don’t feel free to leave your thoughts on the comment section but personally I think this shit is air tight.On this venture I’ll also be covering the following . so don’t get butt hurt if I dip into other stuff, that’s just how I roll :).First, I’ll lead you into how this topic of discussion came about. I was recently chatting to a work colleague about long distance relationships and she told me she was seeing someone abroad. The works For her, she simply believed if you aren’t happy with a part of you, you can get it changed, no worries, no drama, no fuss. And she was confident too, a gym fanatic who would complain about a current figure most women would die for.To illustrate, it would be like a woman ordering a steak at a restaurant, then making the assumption she is going to get served a burger when what she really wanted all along was some lobster, then holding the restaurant at fault for the meal she is about to have, even before tasting it. Any way if you don’t manage to wriggle out of it or show face, It all becomes super serious super quick, especially when kids are involved, there is nothing more sobering than a dynamic of a present of impending child to zap the fun outta something.And it’s hard for men, they do not psychologically bond with children as mothers do, they don’t have the fuckers inside them for nine months making their live’s hell, only to become the greatest joys moments later.They’d happily ride that honeymoon-period rodeo right off into the sunset and I say Why not? In essence they become the embodiment of that fun factor I was talking about earlier Most men are quite simple and when they enter into something that initially caters to our needs, they simply hope it stays that way. To illustrate, if they were at a restaurant and they ordered a steak, then got served a steak and consumed a steak, they would have no problem at all because that’s what they wanted and expected. It’s quite often that as soon as a lady meets a suitable man, they change or more accurately their needs change.Firstly, everything is new and shiny and who doesn’t like new and shiny. It’s like a bear who hunted and was king of the land, for all of spring and summer, then suddenly starts gathering food and shelter for the winter.They presume there is trouble up ahead and the other party is incapable of naturally doing something about it.So this manifest in either micromanaging the relationship, worrying about the future or simply bickering.

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