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You can tackle the issue of gangs positively by setting a good example - you are their first and most important role model.If you deal with conflict without the use of anger or violence, it's more likely your child will too.

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If offenders operate in a group or gangs, this is considered an aggravating factor and may lead to a longer sentence.

Reasons a young person might join a gang are: As a parent you can help protect your son or daughter by understanding the issues, recognising the signs and getting further help and support if you need it.

Knowing what a gang is and how it is classified can be useful for parents who are worried about their child.

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While the definition of a gang is quite vague, one important thing to note is that membership or association with a particular group of people is not illegal in itself – however, gangs are often linked to criminal activity, so it can be useful to recognise certain types of behaviour and signs that your teen may be involved in gang-related crime.Gang members may take risks with their physical safety and sexual health and are far more likely to become victims of crime and risk serious injury or even death. Young women can be involved as gang members or associates and they are particularly vulnerable to becoming involved in risky sexual behaviour.If your child carries a gun or knife, they could be arrested; this could lead to going to court, going to prison and will result in a criminal record.Talk to them about their school work and their personal interests.Get to know their friends, and their friends' families.However, a quick look at the real statistics shows that reports in the media may be exaggerated.While gang and knife crime is a genuine problem, contributing to the death of almost four teenagers a day in London, it’s only a small minority of young people that are involved.Familiarise yourself with the social networks your child uses.Most of the time, using websites like Facebook, Twitter or Bebo is harmless.Set clear boundaries around what is acceptable behaviour and what is not, emphasising the difference between earning something and taking it from others. Remember that they are growing up in a different time from you, facing unique challenges.Discuss their hopes and aspirations as well as their fears and worries.

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