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Vista experience index not updating

In Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, Windows Experience Index could be accessed by right-clicking on Computer icon and then clicking Properties.However, in Windows 8.1 Microsoft has partially dropped this feature and it doesn’t appear in Computer Properties.Com Windows Repair to Fix Windows Problems Important Announcement Regarding Net Neutrality Random Photo: Stolen Microsoft Office Random Photo: Challenge Accepted Random Photo: A Replacement for the Tide Pod Challenge?

Windows Experience Index (WEI), one of the hundreds of features introduced with Windows Vista, is designed to help you better understand your computer’s capabilities.

It scans your computer hardware and assigns it a score after running a number of tests.

it’s not just that the sound output for your speakers is too quiet or has been set to 0.

If so, just move the slider to a better position (like 98) and OK it: Back in the Sound window, you should also check to see if the system sounds are audible even if e.g.

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Scanner 9.20· Temp Cleaner 1.2· Ster Jo Task Manager 2.8· Multi Hasher 2.8.2· Easy Service Optimizer 1.2· Auto Run File Remover 4.0· Hi Bit Startup Manager 1.3.15 Bored?

Worse comes to comes, try updating your sound card drivers (how is beyond the scope of this blog post as it depends on your sound card).

Most people seem to suggest this as the first thing to try, but for me it would be the last as the others are easier to do and less drastic, and may well work.

I also found that the fix wasn’t just temporary for me – it’s survived several restarts / reboots since.

How to try this fix: go to the start menu and in the “Start Search” box type in the following (then hit Enter): In the Services window that opens up, scroll down till you find “Windows Audio”.

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